Meet Sheila

Sheila grew up in the Ozarks, vacillating between climbing trees, reading books and neurotically working toward straight A's. Many years later—after marriage, two sons, a couple of careers, and a Master's Degree—she’s further embraced her love of fiction and her belief that stories nudge the world a bit every time someone reads a book. She's a creative lefty who loves quiet spaces, eccentric people and colorful reading glasses. She's lived in the coastal south for more than twenty-five years, but looks forward to one day moving to the serene mountaintop cabin she and her husband have built at the edge of a national forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fun Facts About Sheila

  • While in her twenties, she moved to the coastal south, sight unseen, with a man she'd been dating for only six months—because that's what women sometimes do when they're young and in love. She and that man have now been married for more than twenty-eight years.
  • Prior to publishing her first novel, she was a finalist for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award in 2013. These are like the Oscars for unpublished romance writers. And while she now writes mainstream and book club fiction, her stories will always include a bit of a love story.
  • With two active sons, her family vacations have always been adventurous. Her favorite: the dude ranch in Colorado.
  • Second favorite: rafting through the Grand Canyon.

    White Water Rafting
    One of the many rivers Sheila and her family have rafted in the Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina region. Sheila and her husband are the ones in sunglasses.

  • Her fourth grade teacher introduced her to the Little House On The Prairie series, fueling her love of books. She spent much of her childhood wishing she was Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • Her favorite possessions:  the stones, antlers and other treasures her boys picked up during their hikes as children, her cozy study full of books and the recliner she got for college graduation multiple decades ago.  That reading chair is her refuge from the chaos of life.
  • Some people have told her she’s way too young to let the silver/white show through in her hair, but this is her way of showing the world that she doesn’t feel the need to play by its rules.  She considered a tattoo, but is way too chicken for that.
  • Her husband does all the cooking at their house. When her sons think she's going to cook dinner, they beg to eat out.
  • Though she lives five minutes from the ocean, it is the majesty of mountains that make her feel most at home, thus the cabin at the edge of a national forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Stained GlassHer favorite non-writing creative project was designing the stained glass window in her cabin, which was inspired by stained glass in her local library. Always a mother first, her design includes the first initial of each of her sons.
  • She credits New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Berry with convincing her to give writing a try. He was a speaker at the first writing conference she attended. His down-to-earth and inspiring story included how he worked on his novels for two hours every morning prior to practicing law all day.
  • She grew up in the same town as Brad Pitt and is about the same age he is, but—sadly—did not go to the same high school. The fact that they've never met is undoubtedly one of the biggest regrets of Brad's life.

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