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I love helping other writers bring their stories to life. Writers I’ve worked with have gone on to land top-tier agents, contracts with the Big Five publishing houses and successful launches of self-published books. Here are some examples:

loathe at first site amazon best book of the month

I worked with Suzanne Park on the developmental stages of Loathe at First Sight (Avon/HarperCollins, August, 2020).


I worked with Zarqa Nawaz on her quirky and laugh-out-loud novel, The Rise and Fall of D.I.C.K., which her agent sold in a pre-empt.


Elizabeth Wafler got an agent 3 cropped

Three weeks after my engagement with Elizabeth Wafler ended, she landed one of her dream agents.


Nancy yeager book      Cruel kind of beautiful michelle hazen

Author Nancy Yeager worked with me on three Victorian-era romance novels, including Third Husband’s the Charm. I worked with author Michelle Hazen on A Cruel Kind of Beautiful. She later landed a contract with Berkley Publishing for Unbreak Me.

Writers I’ve worked with have been selected for some amazing awards:

Karen Simpson won a scholarship to a writing retreat in Paris!

Stony Brook BookEnds                         IndieReader Discovery Award

Patricia Friedrich was selected from hundreds of applicants to receive a yearlong fellowship to the Stony Brook University.

Nancy Yeager’s Two Scandals are Better than One won first prize in the historical romance category of IndieReader’s Discovery Awards.

Kyle Ann Robertson’s Not So Little Things was named a women’s fiction finalist in the RWA contemporary romance chapter’s Stiletto Awards.


My background:

  • Traditionally-published author with a major US publisher
  • Learned my book coaching skills while working under Jennie Nash at Author Accelerator. Was invited to mentor coaches-in-training in Author Accelerator’s Advanced Book Coach Certification course.

fouding coach

  • Through my work at Author Accelerator, I trained under Lisa Cron on her Story Genius methodology. I’m also well-versed in the traditional three-act structure, the Hero’s Journey, Robert McKee’s Story seminar, Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet and other story planning methods.
  • I’m a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the former chair of their Agent Pitch Events. I was a member of Romance Writers of America for years and attended several of their highly-educational national conferences. My debut novel was a finalist for their prestigious Golden Heart award.
  • My three-decade career as a corporate trainer, executive coach and vice president of human resources gave me teaching and coaching chops that dovetail nicely into my role as a book coach and developmental editor. In other words, I’m ready to teach, coach, develop, prod and hold you accountable to produce your best work.


What To Expect If We Work Together:

I’m particularly well-versed in women’s fiction, romance, book club fiction, historical fiction and mainstream fiction. I also work with memoir writers.

I’m well aware that any money you pay toward my services could otherwise be spent on your child’s baseball uniform, your electric bill or that big-deal writing conference you’re dying to attend. For that reason, I do my best to provide honest and straightforward feedback. I’ll tell you what you’re doing right, but won’t sugarcoat those areas that need improvement. You want me to help your writing and storytelling get better. I do my best to honor that fact.

In addition to working with you on your current manuscript, my goal is that you’ll realize I’m also a teacher. My own experience working with talented editors has taught me that it is one of the best ways to learn the craft of writing.

More details about what to expect are listed under each of the packages below.

I would love to help you bring out the magic of your story.

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(Click here for Karen’s website)

Here is a list of my services:


“Sheila is Waiting for My Pages” Package

 Six twenty-page submissions – $1495

(or three monthly invoices of $498 each)

My clients on this package love knowing that I’m waiting on the other end for their pages. This accountability spurs them to get their work done. Submit up to twenty pages per submission and receive in-line edits, plus a recap note that addresses big picture items such as character development, increasing obstacles, maintaining the reader’s interest and narrative drive. In addition to the six submissions, you would also receive:

  • Access to a video to educate you on the special outlining method you’ll use to complete the initial homework assignment for this package (more info on this below)
  • Three 45-minute phone calls to use at your discretion, so basically a phone call after every two submissions

This package requires a minimum commitment of six submissions, though this works so well for most clients that they keep going until their manuscript is complete.

This is a great program if your productivity increases when you know you’ve got a deadline looming, but there’s also flexibility to accommodate the other parts of your life. Because you’ll book your submission days via my online calendar, you can schedule around times when you’ll be traveling, have a big family event or are otherwise unavailable.

The first of your six submissions would be a completed “homework package” that I would send to you after you make your first payment. This package asks you to identify important foundational elements of your story, such as the point, the protagonist’s character arc and narrative drive. You would also complete a full outline, with emphasis on key scenes such as the opening scene, the Aha moment and the final scene of the manuscript.

I’m a staunch believer in planning/designing a story in advance of writing it. My guidance includes a strong emphasis on outlining your story so you know where it is headed. If you’re a pantser, then I’m likely not the book coach for you (though I have converted a few pantsers into lovers of outlining once they see how valuable it is).

Submissions must be used within six months of the date of the first invoice.

Please note that this package includes:

  • Submission #1: Initial homework plus ten-page manuscript submission
  • Submissions #2-6: Twenty manuscript pages each
  • Total: 110 manuscript pages submitted

That covers approximately one-third of an adult-length novel. The vast majority of my writing clients continue to work with me beyond the initial six submission engagement package.

Note: My business is booming. All available slots for the Sheila Is Waiting on My Pages package are currently booked. Please complete this form to be notified when a new slot is about to become available (would be mid-2021 at the earliest). By completing this form, you’ll also be added to my periodic newsletter for writers, which contains tips on how to make your story stronger. I would never share your contact information with anyone.

Complete this form to be notified when I have openings on my client roster


“Give Coaching a Try” Package with Editorial Letter PLUS Inline Comments


This package includes an editorial letter and inline comments on the first fifty pages of your manuscript. I’ll provide feedback on big picture topics, such as how well you’ve drawn the reader into the story and how quickly and clearly you introduce the problem that will drive the story forward. The inline comments will provide specific feedback on where and how you can improve your work.


Note: My business is booming. All available slots for the Give Coaching a Try package are currently booked. Please complete this form to be notified when a new slot is about to become available (would be mid-2021 at the earliest). By completing this form, you’ll also be added to my periodic newsletter for writers, which contains tips on how to make your story stronger. I would never share your contact information with anyone.

Complete this form to be notified when I have openings on my client roster


Consultation on the Topic of Your Choice

$89 per hour

We’ll get on a Zoom call to discuss the writing or editing/book coaching questions of your choosing.  Here are a few of the topics others have asked me about, but this is by no means an all-inclusive list. I’m happy to discuss (just about) any writing-related matters that are on your mind. 

  • The various forms of feedback–critique groups, engaging with an editor/book coach, beta readers, paid beta reader services, sensitivity readers, etc. 
  • Determining the publishing path that’s right for you; establishing your publishing goals
  • Building your writing circle 
  • How to prepare yourself to make the move from a regular day job into owning your own book coaching/editing business (I was a VP of HR in the financial services industry prior to becoming a book coach/editor)
  • What it’s really like to be a book coach/developmental editor; deciding if you should take the leap to start your own book coaching practice

If you are interested in booking a call, please complete the form below. I’ll send you an invoice and a link so that you can book the call directly onto my calendar. I have times available for these calls on most (but not all) Mondays and Tuesdays. Both afternoon and evening time slots (Eastern time, United States) are generally available.

Complete this form to book a consultation call with me

Please plan to send your initial questions in advance so that I can be prepared for our call. You will, of course, be able to ask follow-up and probing questions. This is YOUR time with me, so let’s make the most of it! 

Please note: No need to purchase a consultation call(s) if you engage with me for book coaching or developmental edits. My advice and expertise is  automatically included with every package on this page. See each individual package for details. By completing the form above, you’ll also be added to my book coaching newsletter list. It is sent infrequently and is easy to unsubscribe from if you become no longer interested. 


Full Manuscript Edit – Includes Editorial Letter and Inline Comments

$0.03 per word (word count x .03)

 This package is for writers who would like my feedback on a complete manuscript, which for my purposes means a novel or memoir anywhere from 70k to 95k words. You’re investing a lot of money here, so the work  sent to me should be a revised (not first draft) and polished manuscript. 

My deliverable to you would be twofold:

  • A four to six-page WORD document recapping what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, as well as an analysis of big picture topics such as character development, narrative drive, voice, increasing obstacles and other aspects of storytelling
  • Inline comments throughout the manuscript. I leave a lot of comments–both positive and to show areas of improvement–so this package results in robust feedback for you.
  • Please see the Important Notes section at the bottom of this page for additional details about formatting and other related topics. 

Note: My business is booming, so I don’t currently have any slots available for full manuscript edits. 


Important Notes:

All manuscripts should be in Microsoft WORD and in standard industry format, which means one-inch margins all the way around, double-spaced and Times New Roman, 12 point font. Each new chapter should start one-third of the way down on a new manuscript page.

Should your manuscript gain agent representation, a publishing contract, be successfully self-published or receive industry accolades, you give me permission to talk/write about the fact that I was involved in your editing process. I will want to brag about you!

Phone consultations (other than those already included in a package) are available with other work at a rate of $50 for a 30-minute call or $100 for an hour-long call.  I’m happy to extend these same rates to those interested in a consultation call about starting their own book coaching and/or developmental editing practice. 

I can bill the “Sheila is Waiting for My Pages” package in three monthly payments, but monies for other packages are due in advance of the work being performed. Once we agree upon which service you would like to use, I’ll send an invoice, payable via Paypal, which is due within five days of the invoice date. All payments are nonrefundable.

Please understand that I will sometimes flag typos, misused words and grammar errors, but the services I provide are not copy editing or proofreading services. When there is an ongoing pattern throughout the manuscript, I will flag it the first few times and leave it to you to identify the remaining instances. My primary mission is not to fix these small errors. My primary mission is to help you make your story stronger.  

Photo of file folder courtesy of Elizabeth Wafler.