Mae Van Dorn’s Perfect Storm

Coming September 2024


All thirty-eight-year-old Mae Van Dorn wants is to live alone, with little connection to the oodles of people who have always let her down. But she soon finds herself living with her estranged brother in a town she’s never been to and working for the founder of the local megachurch, though she’s as misanthropic as they come. The pastor seems to not be quite as Christian as he should be, but the people in his orbit may just teach Mae that the human race isn’t so bad after all. An added benefit of the job: Ezra Watts, the handsome construction company owner who’s remodeling the deck at the pastor’s waterfront mansion.

Between her brother’s mysterious past, the pastor’s potentially illicit dealings and Ezra’s on-again-off-again flirtations, Mae’s life spins out of control…and that’s all BEFORE Hurricane Carly makes landfall in Jacksonville Beach.

In her follow-up to Neena Lee Is Seeing Things, Sheila Athens once again explores big human emotions in a light, easy-to-read story filled with Southern charm and a sprinkling of magical realism.