Mae Van Dorn’s Perfect Storm

Coming September 2024


Mae Van Dorn’s day could not have gone worse. First, she badmouthed her non-profit’s biggest donor via a hot mic she hadn’t realize was still on. And when her boss fired her two hours later, twenty-six-year-old Mae went home mid-day to mope…only to find her boyfriend in bed with Miss Hot and Spicy—a server from the wing joint down the road.

The result: Mae has no job and nowhere to live.

Her brother Cole invites her to come live with him, but she’s more than reluctant. She’s never even been to Jacksonville Beach. And worse yet, Cole’s been estranged for most of the last decade, having reappeared in her life only recently. The older brother she’d trusted—the one who protected her from the chaos of their childhood—had basically abandoned his tween-aged sister when he turned eighteen.

But with little cash and fewer options, Mae decides to move to Jax Beach temporarily. Just until she can save enough money to get an apartment of her own in a town she actually wants to live in.

With PR jobs hard to find in her new town, Mae finally accepts the role of personal assistant to Halsey Green, the leader of the Hand of God Ministries, a mega church he founded several years ago in Jax Beach. So what if she’s an atheist. She can bluff her way through this, right?

Mae’s life has taught her that people are crap…and Halsey’s less-than-Christian behavior only proves that to her. Worse yet, he may be dragging her into illegal activities. But the people in Halsey’s orbit—the church’s janitor, the housekeepers at his house—teach her otherwise. Their steadfast goodness challenges Mae’s misanthropic ways. Even Ezra Watts, the handsome construction company owner who’s refurbishing Halsey’s pool, seems too good to be true.

Between Cole’s mysterious past, Halsey’s potentially illicit dealings and Ezra’s heart-pounding kisses, Mae’s life spins out of control…and that’s all BEFORE Hurricane Carly makes landfall in Jax Beach.