The Truth About Love

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Published by: Montlake
Release Date: October 14, 2014
Pages: 294
ISBN13: 978-1477825624


After her testimony sent an innocent man to prison, law student Gina Blanchard vowed to spend her life righting that wrong. She passed up more prestigious opportunities to intern at a Tallahassee nonprofit dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions. But when she catches the eye of local hero Landon Vista, she realizes that Tallahassee may have more to offer than just a summer internship. Then she learns her newest case involves the man accused of murdering Landon’s mother…and possibly setting him free.

The people of Tallahassee still see Landon Vista as their golden boy and football hero…and as the man who tragically lost his mother. This painful past fuels his career working for a senator who’s tough on crime. But as Landon’s interest in Gina escalates, their secrets build…until her latest case makes him ask the question he’d never thought possible: Did his testimony send an innocent man to prison?

Please note: This book is a romance novel that straddles the line into women’s fiction.



"Excellent writing, fabulous romantic chemistry, and an intriguing issue make The Truth About Love a wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought the author did an outstanding job of mixing romance with a serious topic. I will definitely be looking forward to Sheila Athens' next book."
- Amazon review by Kristin Smith

"Excellent debut novel, fabulous storytelling. An emotional and touching journey for two bright, idealistic young people starting out on their careers, but carrying a lot of baggage from the past. Entertaining reading and interesting how they work things out."
- Amazon review by Ohio Reader

"Just finished this great read! I couldn't wait to pick up the book each night to see where Landon and Gina took us next! Highly recommend!!"
- Amazon review by KellyG

"Great book from start to finish! I enjoyed the character development and the plot kept it interesting! Can't wait for more of her books!"
- Amazon review by Meena Grover

"Wonderful storyline. Loved the tension on so many levels. I looked forward to every twist and turn."
- Amazon review by MR Raymond

"Sheila Athens has given us a story that is well written, has fantastic plot and character development and leaves us hooked."
- Amazon review by Undeniably Addicted to Books

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