Such a great book!

I love to spread the news when I find a book I love. This one, by Katherine Center, was fabulous. The author did a particularly good job of letting the reader inside the protagonist. We were tight inside her, experiencing her visceral feelings and seeing her every thought. This would be an especially good read for those who like a good love story.

Katherine Center How to Walk Away

Writing Retreat!

I was honored to be the only Author Accelerator coach invited to their first ever in-person retreat for writers. Jennie Nash (founder and Chief Creative Officer), Laura Franzini (VP, Business Development) and I helped a group of twenty writers hone their craft. Four days of writerly talk was heavenly to me.


Author Accelerator name badge

A Trip Out West

May is already a hot month where we live in Florida, so Hubby and I loved being in the cooler weather of southern Utah. We stayed in a small AirBnB cabin that was on a horse farm and visited Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, shown here. I am so grateful our country protects these beautiful landscapes.

Even Sedona, AZ, which is normally hot in May, was unseasonably cool. We loved it!

Bryce Canyon